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Create an original print on the lids of any shape, material and size.


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Lid with your company logo or lid with print easily, quickly and at a good price. Create an original print on the lids of any shape, material and size. We have lids in all different colors. You can deliver special lids directly to our company and we will only print them. We produce lids with printing using the technology Tampoprint . They are suitable as promotional items for companies in the food industry. Lids can be supplied or. order other. The lid can be printed in one color. Alternatively, two-color, but with the number of colors, the price of printing costs increases.

Promotional items are a good and easy way to keep a customer for a long time or gain at the time of decision-making. For very low costs, you can use promotional items, gain the attention of a wide range of clients, support the selection of an undecided customer or thank the business partners for their cooperation and still support the good name of your company. Promotional items build branding – or brand awareness.

Pens, lighters, key rings, promotional textiles such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and towels, key chains, USB flash drives, flashlights, office supplies, backpacks, umbrellas, calculators and much more . We will be happy to conveniently print everything for you in our printer.

Whether you are a large company launching a new advertising campaign or you just need a little attention for your employees. Choose with us! So don’t hesitate and start designing.

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