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Children’s hooded sweatshirt

19 $

Create an original print on a hooded sweatshirt. Click on Start Designing and add lyrics, pictures, photos to this stylish sweatshirt. Text format printing can be made special with special text effects. Your print can be, for example, suede or glitter. So don’t hesitate and start designing.

Hoodie without own print. Create your own easily in our application.

High quality material.

Start Design



Children’s hooded sweatshirt with print. Create an original print on a light sweatshirt over the head, which has a bottom hem, bottom hem, cuffs and a neckband made of rib knit 1: 1 with 5% elastane. The shoulder seams are reinforced with tape. The sweatshirt is suitable for any occasion. It is very comfortable and usable. Your little ones will definitely like it. The sweatshirt with a print is an original gift.
The children’s sweatshirt is made of a padded knit, its inner side is uncombed. Material composition: 50% cotton, 50% polyester

  • (Composition may vary for different colors – 85% cotton, 15% viscose)
  • Lightweight sweatshirt over the head
  • bottom hem, cuffs and collar made of rib knit 1: 1 with 5% elastane
  • Strengthen the shoulder seams with tape

XS – 3XL

  • Washable at : washable at 40 ° C
  • Label : tear-off

When creating a sweatshirt in the designer, you can add special printing effects . These include glitter and suede printing .

GLITTER PRINT on sweatshirt

We make glitter printing using iron-on glitter transparencies, which give your selected product exclusivity and shine. The glittery print looks luxurious on any type and color of textile. Glitter foils are available in all colors. So don’t hesitate and start designing.

SEMI PRINT on sweatshirt

We also do suede printing with iron-on suede wrap, which is very pleasant to the touch and makes products look very original with it. We have suede foils available in everything

  • Filling knit, combed inside, 65% cotton, 35% polyester (color 12 – composition may vary – 85% cotton, 15% viscose)

We print on the sweatshirt using sublimation, screen printing and digital technology.
The offer of products for printing includes different shapes, dimensions, materials and colors for each product, so really everyone can come up with their own. Apart from sweatshirts, it is possible to print t-shirt , Cap , caps , apron , bags , IT accessories , advertising items , hrnečků , paintings , fotorámečků , keychains and many other products .



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