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ballpoint pen


Create an original print on a plastic ballpoint pen with a metal clip and a blue refill.

Maximum print size: 35 × 7 mm.

Dimensions: about 1.5 × 14 cm.


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Ballpoint pen with print. Create your own pens. Create pens with the logo of your company or with your own original print. A pen with your own print is a great promotional item for employees or customers. We print on pens easily and quickly using Tampoprint technology.

The tampoprint prints on objects of flat, embossed, spherical, convex and even any curved shape. Printing is not only universal and flexible to use , but also accurate and fast.

All this is made possible by the tampoprint. Feel free to choose from this almost endless selection of promotional items, create printable graphics, and then just give away joy or promote your business .

We print in one color on the pens. For example, monochrome logos, characters, funny quotes. Design is up to you. Just create your own pen design in the designer.

Stationery is suitable for everyone. From schoolchildren to hard workers or large entrepreneurs. Ballpoint pens and stationery are a great original gift or promotional item that will delight not only your employees, regular customers but also potential customers.

Promotional items are a good and easy way to keep a customer for the long term or gain time to make decisions. For very low costs, you can use promotional items, gain the attention of a wide range of clients, support the selection of an undecided customer or thank the business partners for their cooperation and still support the good name of your company. Promotional items build branding – or brand awareness.

Outside of pens, it is possible to potisk mikin , t-shirt , predic, kšiltovek , apron , tach , IT accessories and many other products .

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Plastové kuličkové pero s kovovým klipem, modrá náplň. Maximální velikost tisku: 35 × 7 mm. Rozměry: o 1,5 × 14 cm.