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The tampoprint prints on objects of flat, embossed, spherical, convex and even any curved shape. Printing is not just universal and flexible to use , but accurate and fast.

All this is made possible by the tampoprint. Don’t hesitate and choose from this almost endless offer of promotional items, create graphics for printing and then just give away joy or promote your business .

– Printing from 100 pieces up to 20,000 pieces

– The price is individual according to the number of prints

– We prefer printing in one color

– The fixed price of the printing template is CZK 15

– Price of printing 0.3 – 2 dollars / print (according to the number)

With the advent of the new year, our company enriched its services with the method of pad printing or Tampoprint . The usability of the tampoprint is almost inexhaustible. It offers a wide range of items that we can print.

Promote your business through printing of advertising items Your logo, inscription or slogan. Create a print on caps, lighters, stationery, glasses, key rings, rulers, electronic devices, badges or golf balls for your company, company, friends or for social events.

Printing is also possible on car parts such as turn signal levers, switches, controls on the main panel. We also offer printing for toys, English, pacifiers, computer keyboards, calculators, TV controllers, computer monitors, identification labels, serial numbers etc..


Some products can be created simply in our application, but if your product is not in our e-shop or you have a completely individual or your own, contact us by email with a specific request.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you