Screen Printing – Template Printing

Screen printing ..
Screen printing technology can print all common materials , including metal, textile print , printing t-shirts , leather, paper, wood, glass, ceramics, of course there are plastics and textiles of any composition (for each printed material are special colors ). The clear advantage of screen printing is its simplicity and repeatability, durability of printing and at the same time favorable price.
Application of screen printing technology directly to textile material is generally the most durable and best quality printing option .

How do I prepare and print?
The water-thinnable paint is poured into the textile fibers and can be washed and ironed over the motif after drying. Adding an additive to the paint can further increase its resistance. The plastisol paint applied directly to the textile is dried and baked at high temperature. The paint can be applied to transfer paper, coated with glue (powder or liquid), dried in a thermotunnel and transferred to a textile.There is no de facto quality difference between direct screen printing and transfer method. Where screen printing is not sufficient due to the complexity of the motif, the color, the difficulty of registration, the size or shape of the original or the printed object, sublimation printing takes place.