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Graphic Studio & Digital Printer

We have expanded new graphic services for you, thanks to which your prints will be perfect

All these services can be purchased as classic products in the e-shop. By clicking on them, you can order and then pay through the cart and checkout.

Graphics fix
We offer you a redrawing of your image (probably downloaded from the Internet) so that it can be printed in high quality. Sometimes low-quality graphics cannot be printed at all, so we added this service, which will eventually allow you to produce an order according to your printing requirements.

New design for printing
We will design a motif for T-shirts, for example for schools, companies, organizations, trips, parties, water or just something original for casual wear and the like. Write us your idea and we will be happy to send you a proposal. The created design can be redone once, then it will be marked as completed. In case of another proposal, it is necessary to order this service again and we will make further proposals. Through this service, it is also possible to create a collection of designs, for example for T-shirts or other merch.

You can purchase multiple items / services at once

Creating a new logo
We offer you the creation of your own logo, which you will then use to print products or order. We have two graphics and two graphics available, so after ordering this product, we will choose the graphics that will create your new logo according to your ideas. So please write us your idea in as much detail as possible, such as using colors or sending a template.